The thing that captivates

They say the more we believe that our dreams are real, the more they start to manifest themselves at the outside world and at some point we realize we are just caught in a self-fulfilling prophecy. And from time to time we should try not to convince ourselves that something is true, but to try to find ways to prove to ourselves that it is not, just to test to see if we can still set the pace in which we play the movie of our lives.

But then, after we found them and we put them all together, having in front all the irrefutable testimonies which show that more than 90% of the things that we believe so strongly are not real, judging based on what we were taught so far, the only thing we are actually left to do is to convince ourselves that we are on the right way, since everyone should have the right to live a life positively, in a life that wasn’t lived before. And it’s when we should admit that it’s not stability the reality that we search so desperately for, but adventure the dream.

Yet from time to time, the story does have a happy-ending and the dream starts to become not needed anymore.

But until then, instead of procrastinating over a topic that brings no value to anyone I should first admit that I should “shut up” and start reading the damn book. As the manifestation of the dream that I so desperately looked for lately, to take me out from this dependent-lethargic mode.

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