The purpose of the truth

Some moments ago, from reading something on facebook, I came across one video on youtube. Looked just like any other video about the debate around the truth behind Earth’s birth. In the first second, everyone is able to give you “the answer”.

After I saw it, I understood something, between the “words”. Something that I wasn’t able to understand before, maybe because I didn’t have the need to do it. And then I started reading the comments, with the perspective of the new understanding, hoping to find some that will make sense, as to continue my view. And I was very sad to see that during 3 years of commenting no one dared to post an opinion that reflects what I understood. And I also understood, some comments may have been posted as trolling, but until some point I am able to tune into the perspective of these people also.

Anyway, because I couldn’t find any opinion in the same frequency as mine, at first I was a little angry, telling to myself “are they all really incapable of getting it”? And during writing my response, I changed my mind, little by little, and in the end I decided not to post it at all. Because I understood that the real front of the battle between what is true and what is lie is someplace else. Is in the ability of “keeping some things to yourself”, as there is a time for every truth.

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