Let me save this before…

Is sad how some truthful, loving and very inspiring posts written on facebook disappear so fast, while other useless and re-posted ones are covering the walls so stubbornly and for so long that they already made mold and termites. I don’t get this.. why people decide to delete the good things.

Is like they get scared for being seen vulnerable? Or, like Damon said, when people see good they will still expect good and they don’t want to have to live by anyone’s expectations?

Or maybe they feel safer by creating a puzzle from the posts that appear useless at the first eye… like a more subtle form of humor… like posting for someone who knows what is about, while attracting also others who don’t know what is about, while being trapped in a web made only by their own perception field…

Anyway.. I found myself a cause that really consumes me lately 😀 I want to see Paul Wesley getting 2 mil fans!!! :))) It doesn’t seem fair to me, Ian to have 9 mil and Paul barely 1.7 mil.

And after that, someday, I wish to have the chance to visit the Salvatore boarding house from Sandy Springs. Before someone decides it’s too scary and they come with some wrecking ball. Now I don’t know which is more scary, Miley on the ball or the mold and the termites.

… before I realize that not everything is about me.

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