I found this challenge on Facebook and I want to accept it, for my blog. Starting today, the 100th day will be June 1st. And judging by this I would say that it will be an easy challenge, since on international children’s day everyone should be happy!

So, about the rules of the game: everyday I will have to post what made me happy. And today made me happy that… actually there are more things that made me happy today, because I worked from home and because it was Friday, but the winner for 21.02 is: today made me happy that my boyfriend prepared dinner.

22.02 – we finally decided when and where to spend (part of) the vacation and we bought the plane tickets.
23.02 – we went for a walk in the forest and I saw Santa’s reindeer 🙂
24.02 – he let me sleep until 8 and he woke me up with a cup of coffee.

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