17-23 martie

Continuing the series of #100happydays:

Monday 17, Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 – I only remember that I had a lot of work to do, which is quite good.

Thursday 20 – for being needed to play Poker in the Olympics FY14, as back-up for the Blue Sky team. I succeed to play in the final table, in the top 20% of the players! And the Blue Sky team won the Quiz round 🙂

Friday 21 – went for a shopping session and came home with a nice spring outfit, mostly for bike riding. Then, I got into the woods behind the Novodvorska and I found this lovely butterfly:DSC_0169

Saturday 22 – happy for having a very rich dreaming experience:
in the first dream I was caught in some intense and emotional encounter, which ended with a cap being dropped, as a proof of hope and trust that I will find my way to achieve all my dreams, but when I wanted to lift it up and run after the owner, to return it, a little girl rushed in out of nowhere, she took it and she didn’t believe my story and she didn’t want to give it back to me; in another dream, I was in South Africa, for a job interview, in the HR department, for the same company I work now. This time I was pretty much aware that I was dreaming and as I let myself in, it turned out to be quite a nontraditional job-interview; it was almost autumn there, but it was night outside, we were sitting in a small yard or park, on some benches made out of pillows… and then a quite unusual beautiful star-ship crossed the sky, silvery, which was using dissolution as method of propulsion. I tried to take pictures with my phone. 😀 and then they started with making my astro-numerologic portrait…and I remember they had much more romanians in there and they were even playing romanian songs on the local radio.

Sunday 23 – a funky picture I saw on fb. in the first moment it made me laugh. 10 min later I was convinced it was my happy moment for the day. 30 min later got me into depression. I should mobilize myself to go out more often and adhere to some social groups, even if my bf is not that much fun of karaoke pubs.

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