The Healing Moon – Chapter VI

“The Resurrection”

Action in Bucharest, March 30th, 2018 😀

Why did you do it?
Because I couldn’t imagine what I would find in there.


The thing is, Josie was feeling more and more depressed, she was sleeping all day and sometimes at nights she was having nightmares. Completely lost her appetite. She started ignoring even Ruffus. So at that date (March 30th, 2018) what she actually did was to throw herself into the lake… hoping to see her mom in there. Lucky her dad jumped after her fast enough, she only swallowed some water.

Moon was also standing on the shore, chatting with Meredith.

I had to resurrect her character. Otherwise Josie would had successfully killed herself, in her second attempt, 3 years later.

Moreover, both Moon and Meredith are pregnant now!!

We don’t know who is the father of Meredith’s baby, but we assume it’s one of her old classmates that she saw again at “the 10 years from graduation reunion” and they grew fond of each other, even if during university they didn’t even notice the other exists. His name was Bogdan or Emil or something.. not very sure of the name, but we know he is of jewish roots.

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