another 12 happy days + 2 bonus

24 – Luni – my Leo came back from weekend at parents with a full bag of chocolates and biscuits and waffles!!
25 – Marti – new episode of Believe; my homework for the Czech language class
26 – Miercuri – having an escapade into Chodov mall after work
27 – Joi – Next Star Romania, 6th edition
28 – Vineri – new episode of Vampire Diaries
29 – Sambata – the Screenwriting Workshop
30 – Duminica – the Screenwriting Workshop
31 – Luni – my first ride with the Final Draft
01 – Marti – Vampire Diaries cast at PaleyFest 2014; end of How I met your Mother, with Czech subtitles
02 – Miercuri – riding my bike until Novo’; having picnic lunch in the forest – tuna salad; having a painting/drawing session in open air
03 – Joi – Next Star Romania, 7th edition; new episode of The Mentalist
04 – Vineri – this girl’s power, from 2:47 to 2:57. It drugged me. I must’ve listened it 50 times today
05 – Sambata – my Leo gave me a pair of bike gloves!! now I have 2 items from him on my bike (2 weeks ago he gave me a special termos bike bottle)
06 – Duminica – because I can read “Gone with the wind” in Romanian, on the Kindle 🙂

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