The future is now

This morning, at around 8, like an early bee that I was, while in the bus 197 in the road to work, somewhere between Přístaviště and Lihovar, I noticed I have a bee sleeping on my left leg.

Now I feel responsible for the well-being of a whole bee-family, because they will not know where to fly for pollen, since the early bee that they sent as chief explorer was killed by a terrified polished shoe on the floor of a very full 197 bus. 😦

I should learn bee language. I should know how to tell a bee: if you promise you will not sting me I will let you stay on my foot until Smíchovské nádraží. Or maybe I should put some posters on the buses: No bees allowed! In bee language.

Anyway… I just started a new series: Star-crossed. For the first time, the action of a SF movie starts in 2014. On September 17th. I hope no terrified polished shoe that doesn’t speak my language will kill me until then.

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