.. the babies of the universe.

Ok, so I was “preparing” myself for the new season of Doctor Who, which will come this summer. And I tried to see the most important things that happened so far, in the past 7 seasons, to increase my engagement enough to be very excited when the new episodes will come.

And watching one of the summary of the life of River Song / Melody Pond, I had a revelation: everything is always happening at once. Forever and Ever. (Ok, this mere affirmation it doesn’t give you anything new yet and it’s not the first time someone is telling you this… until you achieve the necessary state of mind that will allow revelations to happen to you, until you will be able the resonate with the proper frequency from where this information comes, everything I’m writing here may be plain Chinese or a random string of characters, like this: rycbar123..)

But because we are so newbies in the universe, something/someone tried to help us to get along, by inventing “the time”, which was meant basically to help us to keep track of what is happening to us, because the matter is so complex and with such a high degree of abstraction that we are not able to fit the ends together in the calculation. Just like the preschoolers who struggle with the basics of arithmetic by using the abacus, so we are struggling with the basics of universe by using the time.

Ok, so the cold weather has definitely affected me. My ability of getting high just from cold water is priceless! I’m delirious 😀 And it feels good, from time to time… to allow myself to be delirious. Ok, I admit it, I’m enjoying a concentrated ginger tea with honey and lemon as we speak… hoping that it will distract the sickness away.

In the end – or in the beginning – both the-me-who-caught-the cold-today and the-me-who-saw-the-weather-report-and-took-a-jacket-and-ticker-socks-today, exist at the same time, right? is it bad to consider myself not so newbie in the fields of time traveling? In the end, I did write 3 whole books about this topic, so far..

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