The 100th day of Happiness

So, on February 21st I took a challenge. To write every day a little something that made me happy. And I did… but only until April 13th. Why?! Because somewhere in the middle, I couldn’t find the effectiveness anymore. It felt like I’m pushing myself to do things just to have something to write at the end of the day and this got me too high and very distracted. And I missed some important things, that caused some disruptive things to happen. And I got scared, that maybe I don’t deserve to be that much happy.

But why I started it in the first place: I wanted to achieve something from June 1st, that would’ve crowned all these 100 days in victory. Something that would’ve made all this fighting and waiting, worthwhile. But I didn’t. Why?! Because I wished for one of those things in life that don’t happen when You want, but when other people want. And sometimes it feels that other people don’t care about your struggle. But I did the best that was in my power and that should make me happy, right? Now it’s just a matter of waiting. More waiting….

And since the domestic front has moved to Fridek-Mistek.. But I should be happy that he let me drive his car and that Bonnie, his dog, likes me. And this makes me feel more empowered. What more could I wish for?

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