Or maybe both..

Since they are both ruled by Neptune..

I’m in a very creative and sensitive mood these days. Very easily to distract or to inspire. Required some time on my own to meditate over, after the moment of frustration that I felt on Monday. That much that yesterday I baked my own bread in the house instead of going down-stairs to Albert to buy some. Eventually I finally admitted that it’s time to slow down for a while and enjoy what I’ve built so far, without actively searching for new ways to improve my condition. Like delegating a little power also to the God of Time and the Goddess of Attraction, to see what they have in store for me.

And I’m positive. I had a very interesting dream last night. A very long story with incredible amount of details, ended with him opening the bedroom window and saying: “perhaps we shouldn’t have done this here, with this many people, perhaps we should’ve went to an hotel or something”. Perhaps I’m decompensating too much in my dreams as a lot of things in there start to not make sense anymore. I remember I perceived some shades of emotional energy that I didn’t perceive before. Some shades of acceptance and emotional freedom that are not usually in the storage of Venus in Scorpio. Perhaps I’m changing and attracting new dominions. Sun just stepped in my 8th House, so maybe it’s time for doing some calculations and drawing some lines to see if they give with plus or with minus. Perhaps it’s time to finally let something go and not struggle with these many burdens.

When I woke up I had a slight thought that I would like to work in my sleep and use the day to actually live, to travel and to explore, without having to care about anything. Some seconds after, I realized that I’m already doing it in this way, since I’m more awake in the night when I am dreaming whatever I want, than when I am working. It’s funny how people choose to do jobs that eventually end up to be under their academic and mentally qualifications, just out of comfort. The people who invented the concept of Emotional Intelligence were not bad, but there is something they kind of omitted. That all these intelligences are disjunctive forces when it comes to taking decisions. Which means, either you use one or the other..

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