The pursuit of excitment

Remember those moments when you were jumping around out of happiness/excitement? Just had one. Yesterday, when I drove my bf’s car, about 10 km from the main highway, on the street until his house, got into the patio and parked it into the garage all by myself.

I love him because he has confidence in me and he is encouraging me to pursue things that would make me happy. Thanks to him I’ve started to drive again and I absolutely f* love it!

And what I love the most about this particular car, even if it is living in his garage from the time he had his driver’s licence, which is almost 15 years ago, is that it has automatic speed box, hence it is without clutch. When I had my driver’s licence 12 years ago I did it because I wanted to be in trend with my peer-group, but it’s been almost 10 years since I didn’t drive anymore, because of unlucky circumstances…

I mean, the only car I had the chance to drive was my dad’s, but since my brother took his driver’s licence, the left seat of that car became completely forbidden for me… And it’s not like I have so many friends with car whom to beg, like when I learned how to ride a bike 😀

Anyway, since I learned how to drive, I’ve been dreaming that I am driving a car… I’ve been dreaming that I’m finding myself in a parking lot pinging the key-chain to see where my car is parked. This car doesn’t have centralised locking, but I love it anyway. I love it because it is red and I love it because it’s so incredible simple to drive it!

And there is something that I forgot to mention: I love it!!! 🙂 Now I’m hoping I’m not putting too much excitement on something that is not even mine. It reminds me of the time when I had my first mobile phone 😀 I even said no to an opportunity for travelling to Buenos Aires, for business purposes, just to stay close to this car (among other things/beings).

Buenos Aires has also been a recurrent dream of mine (since Muneca Brava, when I was dreaming about Facundo Arana, like my big brother or friend with whom I was speaking Spanish) but, like any other dream, I respect it very much and I want to do it properly, and now it’s not the time for that. One by one, at one point we will get there also. And one day I promise I will also learn how to fly! Just like I do it in my dreams!!

Even if for that I will have to reincarnate again, in a bird. An eagle 😀

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