Just until the other side of the world

This afternoon while climbing by foot, on a painful road to a castle originally built on the 13th century, I had a thought.

Ok, I had more thoughts actually, from “how many years would this huge tree be?”, until “if Earth would be alive, would it feel good with all these many people crawling all over it?”, “would I manage to find a nice place near by to get some chicken steak for dinner?”, but the main one was to know which is the opposite point on the globe, from the point where I was on the exact moment.

And I found it: tunnel

And I feel extremely disappointed. 😦 I mean, I was expecting to not be able to drive continuously until there, since it will fall in the Pacific Ocean, but I was hoping at least for some Isle or anything with some land.

So I cannot follow my dream of driving until there… Which means I should  seriously consider to learn how to fly a plane or a helicopter. But I’m afraid once I will learn how to fly and mastered all ways of moving in space, I will desperately search for some way to move in time.

And now I’m wondering if time is circular or linear.. Funny. I didn’t touch this subject before, so it looks that this apparently useless and senseless post has brought me on a higher level. So maybe I did experience a tunnel until the other side of the time. :))

Which means there is always room to fuel my inquisitive mind, while staying in character!

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