Believing in the awesomeness

There could be so many ways to do the wrong things, if you really want to do them. And no matter if or how many times you are denied to do something, eventually your own character will come to the surface. In the good, calm, understanding way or in the form of an explosion with no turning back point.

How can you cut someone’s dreams? It doesn’t matter at all what are they about, because they are dreams. The things/places from where a being is extracting her own life sustaining energy.

I’m a very spiritual person, much more intense and deep than an average being, which still asks herself questions everyday and doesn’t find anyone able to provide an answer to them. So the only thing I’m left to do is to explore and to experience.. to search for my mentors and my spiritual family. To live life on my own and to see what happens. You keep up with me or not, it’s just as simple. I’m going to get myself a life. An extraordinary one!

And perhaps I should be more honest with myself from time to time. So, thank you! For the dreams, for the ideas, for being there and for being yourself. Far or near, it doesn’t really matter. You are a huge fountain of energy and when I fall in, sometimes too blunt, I create splashes of water, that apparently gets wasted. But it’s not, don’t worry, as it has the consistency of mercury and it’s always able to add itself together and find its true core.

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