Rebuilding.. or just pretending to

For the past 2 days I’m experiencing a very weird feeling – as if a certain planet might be retrograde or something… I checked the map and nothing.. except… that Mars transiting my first house along with Saturn. Mars and Saturn, they require that the things that you build are built in a very good way, so that they will last for a long time.

I have a feeling I have to destroy something and start all over.. like finishing an exam and not being allowed to leave the room until the allocated time will end. And because you still have some time left, you decide to write it again, this time with a better calligraphy, on a new piece of paper, hoping this will bring you a better grade.

Except this time I don’t see anything that I could do better.. and yet the wave of “change” is coming.. we are talking about Mars and Saturn in Scorpio here and Scorpio will definitely want something from me in a way or another. This is getting a little frustrating..

Now on a different train of thoughts… Or should I just step down from this train and let it go?! This way of keeping a not-too-far not-too-close connection isn’t that much comforting, to be honest. I wonder if there will ever be a way for balancing the energy of Mars square Saturn.. War and Time… No. I think I will stay. I would even try to move closer, stand my ground and see what happens 😀 Now it’s my chance to ask for some time from this ardent war. So, can it be after September 1st? :))

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