Hunted by… dreams

Last night I dreamed with Paul and Ian. Such an amazing dream. Both mine, couldn’t decide between them. As all of my dreams, actually. 😀 Woke up mesmerized and then, when I saw on FB, what Paul just posted, that his “Before I disappear” will run in London on October 4th, I spent 1h calculating the budget and planning the trip to London.. 3300 czk the plane with WizzAir + 85 usd the accommodation for 2 nights + 12 gbp the price of the movie ticket + 14 gbp the bus from Luton to the city + around 2000 calories burned walking instead of taking the tube + food around 20 gbp bought from Tesco x 2 days etc..

And when I couldn’t decide on which hostel to book (although Astor Victoria was highest on my pro-con list) and also imagining myself landing back on Sunday at 23:40 and making another 2h until my own bed, while having to work on Monday, and the painful idea of making the online check-in from London, I woke up: if I wasn’t able to go not even until Venice, on August 27th, when HE actually WAS there and I could’ve taken vacation, what’s the point in going until London just for a 2h movie and spend 1 weekend in the rain, for around 270 eur, when I could spoil myself in Prague on this money, also in the rain, until the movie will be made public for free online viewing on the internet.

Conclusion: following celebrities on Facebook is very dangerous.

It pollutes your night flying dreams and ruins your morning coffee and steels about 3h of your free time making plans and writing blogs about it, instead of spending this time for overtime working, in order to raise money to fly directly to Atlanta, to find Mystic Falls’s Mojo and land over Paul cuddling his new crush – former H2O star, that I actually liked a lot – and Ian cuddling his new crush – that I have no idea who that girl is – and if you are Heavenly Lucky to be invited into some after-party, party, on a more cozy place and when they will leave, at 4 in the morning, the only thing you’ll actually get would be to be kissed on the cheeks.. by the girls. 😐

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