When I will be 33…

A 33 at 33 :)) So cool. So, when I will be that, sometime by the end of 2016.. well.. I don’t know.

Considering how much my life changed for the past 2 and something years, would be very hard to see what will be in the next 2 and something years. Perhaps will be something.. Or perhaps someone 😉

Funny is that I would have to get used with the idea of having at most a 22, since I would have to wait at least 15 years to have a 33. On the other hand, 3 33’s would be too much in the same household, so I guess a 22 would be more than perfect. Nope, not 11. 11s are too weird even for 33s. Or triplets 11 :)))

What an interesting coincidence, on my 33 I will also have Jupiter transiting my 12th house, for the whole year, starting with a conjunction with the natal Mars. Such an epic way to live the year. I think no transit at all could be more beneficial for a 33 than a Jupiter to the 12th house. A true year to blossom!

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