When I’m gone..

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone..

This is what I was singing last night in my dreams when I was flying around the Magheru boulevard, starting from the intersection with Dacia, in Romana Square.. in the direction of Mojo. It was so fun!! Quite long time since I dreamed of flying.

I discovered a new ability now, to go higher when a weird character shows up in my way. High enough to be sure he will not reach me.

I didn’t get until Mojo but I dreamed of something quite interesting. From some time now, each time I’m dreaming of being in Romania I say goodbye to the people at the end of the dream, telling them that I have to go back to Prague, because this is where my work and my life is, for the past 2 and something years. Little does my subconscious know that in the past half of year I spent more time in Frydek-Mistek than in Prague.

Yeah.. so about controlling my dreams. I still have a lot to learn in this department. Lucky that in about one week the Sun will start to shine in my 12th House, for about 25 days or so… followed closely by Venus.

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