Few days off :D

I’ll have from Oct 25th to Oct28th.

I booked bus ticket to visit Vienna and Bratislava. Although, later my mood and my attraction to those places changed, thanks to the fact that I couldn’t decide on which hostel to book and also thanks to acknowledging that “other places” may need me more those days. Not to find them and kill them because they killed my girlfriend..

Yeah. I couldn’t help it… already in a mental orgasm, after only 2 minutes of watching Stefan’s monologue, in the 3rd episode of this season of TVD. 2 epic minutes.

And then comes the excruciatingly sad moment when the episode ends: 38 min, 38 min and 1 second, 38 minutes and 2 seconds… and by the time it gets to 40 min you start crying because you realize there is no more time left for another scene of Caroline and Stefan. Poor Caroline… such a great speech that she gave: 5 whole paragraphs of speech! and still Stefan remained completely… speechless. And then he moved on, leaving us all, obsessed viewers, with our jaws almost touching the floor out of desolation…

It’s hard when the heart has only one queen. As Elena kept saying: “It’s always gonna be Stefan”… Same he, with the movement of his eyes, was expressing an obvious feeling of embarrassment, practically begging her to stop… drowning herself. Us, women, when we hit that wall of not-corresponding love, we have such a “great” talent of instinctively trying to dig deeper and deeper, hoping to be able to get out on the other side, from beneath the wall, just like an escaping prisoner..

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