And that’s it

Just decided to take a sabbatical from this blog.

From previous attempts I noticed I cannot stay more than 3 weeks without posting something, due to a certain sensation of being overloaded… with life, that was always growing and making me believe that I have something interesting to share..

I will not delete the blog, I’m proud that I managed to keep it for this long, just that I will do my best to direct my creative energy into a different output, as an experiment, perhaps. Hopefully I’ll not “burn” other aspects of my life that would get into my focus during this time, due to an excess of projected intensity.

And I’m 100% sure I will not be able to survive more than 1 week without writing something, even if offline. Who knows, maybe in 1 year I will finally get to start one of those books I’m bragging so much about writing.. I think I’ve gathered 3 different titles already..

On a matter of fact, this blog was still kinda offliney, since it’s seen daily by less than 5 people and it’s been more than 3 years, I think, since the last not-spam comment that I received. But this is how I liked it, in the end, it’s My Ivory Tower and I don’t feel like letting too many people climb in.

Just for 1 year. One tiny lousy year. I promise.

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