Because “some dreams are much too beautiful to become true”… Yeah.. I’ve started following the Desperate Housewives… among other even more self-destructive things… highlighted in red.

It burns me not to post at all. I was crawling up the walls trying not to post. I had so many ideas… I even wrote almost every day in my offline diary, for the past 2 weeks, about the things that I was dreaming, while both awake and asleep. Maybe I’m addicted to blog-post-ing or something..

I spent more time and energy fighting the urge to post than I would’ve actually spent posting.. Hate this Scorpio Venus of mine.. sometimes not even that Saturn tightly conjunct to it can manage to chill it of.

Anyway, since I managed to not post for 1 whole month :d, I decided that it’s time to give myself a treat: I’m reducing a bit the limits of my test of self-control, indulging in 1 post per month. Every month on the 28th or 29th will be the blog-post-ing day. 😀

Yeah… smaller monthly eartquakes are a much better option of keeping things in peace, than 1 huge one 11 months from now, preceeded by a hurricane and followed by a tsunami. 😀 As they say, the dark side of one-self is not to be ignored or repressed, but to learn how to control and to… domesticate it. 😉

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