December’s highlights

– I didn’t win the trip to Atlanta, but I will get my ISF t-shirt soon and I’m positive that there are going to be other chances to travel there. It was too far to fly until Atlanta just for a couple of days anyway. I’m happy nevertheless, I managed to contribute to the foundation, through my donation, and who knows, maybe one day I’ll join also.

– I convinced Santa to pay a visit to my parents’ country side loaded with a dish-washer and a new coffee maker!

– On Christmas Eve I was caught by a depressive mood, for spending holidays away from my family and from our traditional romanian Christmas meals.. but then in that same night I had some interesting dream scenes, that kinda managed to restore part of my good mood. Dear Juno…:d

And the second part of my good mood was restored while having a lovely walk, with my bf, around Olesna and a brunch at the local pub, while enjoying the newly born rays of sunshine over the lake and the villages around: IMG_20141225_112541

Bonus point: 2 blog posts on my work-blog turned out quite successful this month. The second one reached even No1 on “Popular Blogs of the Month”, with 200 likes and over 500 views, in less than 2 weeks from posting! Me very happy 🙂

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