January’s highlights

I don’t feel like I love you all the time, but, when I do feel it, it’s completely breathtaking.

Now, on a different train of.. emotions: Birdman. Made me cry, when he got out from the taxi, after that scene with the flying over the streets. All that kinetic energy… It made me cry because this is how I usually dream myself when I am flying. It made me freak out thinking that so many people dream like this. They did such an amazing job in filming it. (later edit: Winner of Oscar on Best Picture and Directing, among others 🙂 )

Then, close to the end, when I understood that the only way to achieve something great is to spill out real-blood, right over your creation, made me question my whole life so far. And when I saw that the ending… I somehow got back to my real life and my real chores… actually, I felt stupid, because I didn’t understand the ending.

And the last topic: I bought my plane ticket for 1 week to RO, at some point in Spring. Curious if Tarom will cancel the flight again, just like last year, when my boyfriend and I spent almost 10 hours wandering around the surroundings of the airport, in the wait for an alternate CSA flight to take us, barely in the evening. So many things have changed since then..

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