The story of the girl home

It starts with a long pink-orangish T-shirt that was covering her… haunches. Over it, a short sleeves white sweater.

And these were on the girl who haunted all my way to work. First, when she overtook me, somewhere near the newspaper booth. That’s when I saw the captivating T-shirt.

Somehow it felt like she was glowing. I felt this incredible attraction towards her, yet she didn’t seem to have had anything special… it felt like, somehow, she was holding a key to my destiny… Anyway, I don’t quite remember seeing her entering the metro, but I do remember seeing her getting down at the final station. Then, somehow, she probably stopped for something, because, right in front of the bagels booth, she overtook me again.

Then, I finished work and I went to take the metro home. The same girl. This time, reading a black covered book with too many pages. Of course, she overtook me, just when I was waiting for the second train, at the Eroilor station.

I mean, as I was standing propping my left foot up against the wall, diving into my own depression, struggling to ignore the feeling that I’m completely wasting my potential, the same charming girl from the morning suddently popped out in front of me, towards the center of the station, just to prop up the same wall about 10 meters away from me..

And that’s when I accepted the game. The universe’s game. I moved 5 meters closer to her. She was reading. No sign that she was noticing anything happening around her. I wanted to enter the metro and to stay just next to her, probably I could discover what it was that she was reading.

5 minutes have passed. I see her moving. I see her having a look inside the tunnel, no train was coming. Then, she suddenly started running up the stairs out from the station. At first, I swear, I wanted to follow her. That much she intrigued me. I thought she got bored waiting for the train, I thought she had probably discovered a faster or a more reliable way to travel home…

I gave up. And suddenly other thoughts made themselves room inside my mind.

The metro is coming. The doors are opening. I’m stepping a bit on the left side to make room for the people to get out. And guess what! Just out of complete nowhere, she jumps in, reading the same book and enjoying a cheese cake… “dobrogeana” as it’s called in Bucharest… and takes the seat just in front of mine.

She was wearing lily color sneakers.

Some years ago, I bought myself a pair of sport-shoes, the same color, but I don’t really remember ever wearing them…

So the girl keeps reading. Just when I gave up struggling to see the title of the book, and started looking down, I see her glimpsing at me… as if she was just checking to see if I’m still in the game… And I was.

And the station home came. And I couldn’t see the name of the book, but I suddenly remembered a movie I saw once. “Mr. Nobody“. And I couldn’t understand it. I should probably see it again.

So the girl jumps off her seat, cleans the gobbets from the T-shirt and the sweater and starts running up the stairs. As I didn’t want to miss her, I started happily running too.

I remember her medium short manually curled hair bouncing over her shoulders. She was nothing special, not too beautiful, not ugly either. Some pounds extra, but they looked good on her. Shorter than the average, but well proportioned.

I went on the same track, just until the same place where she captured my attention this morning. Then, the cross-roads with the traffic lights. In front – green, on the left – red. It’s a smart cross-roads there, because you can take either side and arrive at the same place. I could have taken advantage of the green light and follow her track again.

But somehow, I didn’t. I went left, where I had to wait for the green light. But I saw her turning right, after the pedestrians mark.

I originally posted this on April 30th, 2012. Re-read it and slightly revised it today. Found it too good to not re-post it. 🙂 Sweet nostalgia..

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