Something gentle

Last evening while heading to Albert to buy dinner i saw a white flower falling from a little girl on a pink trotinette, right in front of the entry door.

She was going shopping with her mom and dad. No one saw the flower falling.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of lifting it up, as if i was mesmerized by it. As i touched it i noticed it was artificial, but i didn’t care, i had to return it.

I approached gently the girl with a pad on her shoulder, to give her back the flower. As i was very discrete about it and the girl was a bit restless, she didn’t acknowledge the flower, as she was probably not used to talk to strangers, but her dad, with the corner of his eye, saw i was approaching the girl just to give her back the flower and he made her pay attention and take it.

I don’t remember any of them thanked me but i didn’t care, i didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, it was just an artificial piece of flower. Yet i felt very good about it, considering that i hardly get to connect to anyone around here, not to mention strangers.

Yet the girl was very restless and she probably lost it again.. I then forced myself to look away and to avoid them around the corridors, as i didn’t want to see the flower being lost again and them considering me a freak for starring at it.. on the floor, not having the courage to return it.. again.

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