For bringing back your humanity

Catchy title, right? 😀 Matches with the one from the previous post… Why can’t I be Caroline? :sigh: I’ve yet to get this Steroline out from my head. They’re so ueber-cute lately.

We need friends also in our lives, able to catch the little things and remind them to us from time to time, right? 😉 And now, thinking about you, are you much alive lately? I mean, you know what I mean, alive like living every moment, smiling at the smallest things, being impressed about ants carrying around dead bees, almost 10 times heavier than themselves and being able to induce the same excitement into someone else. These might seem like very small and superficial things, but actually..

What is life without a little bit of drama-dreaming, in a place where we like to believe that no one is seeing us, right? Yet now, barely about 3 and something years later, while suddenly remembering you answered me, using also the “love” word, to “why do you hate me?”, I’m thinking if it’s really worth trying to figure out when exactly the dream escaped into the real world and catch it back… or simply let it go.

Later edit: “The Mars person can regard the 9th House person as philosophically impractical. The 9th House person may regard the Mars person as lacking spiritual insight and refinement. ” (from So true :))))

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