Finances, Love and Dreams

Just noticed that starting next week the dear Venus will transit my 8th house and will hit my North Node some time Friday night, with effects lasting maybe even until Sunday afternoon 🙂

So I was searching what this Venus transit conjunct natal North Node means and I found quite an interesting video, where it came to my understanding that this Venus can portray love – hence emotions – or finances, depends on the other planets around. And it says that if Sun is involved can be more finances or material possessions, than love.

And so it hit me, how exactly Sun conjunct Venus in a composite, in 2nd house in Scorpio plays out? duhh.. 2nd house – possessions, material values etc Scorpio – finances, taxes, other people’s properties.. in conclusion: no potential for love to be exchanged here, just money. 😀

So they say you cannot have them both at the same time. Unless… there is also Moon involved in that conjunction. And I’m curious, because I met quite a few people in my life with whom I share this Sun conjunct Venus in composite, some even with Mars or Mercury added in there, but I never met anyone so far with whom to have Venus conjunct Moon 😦

Yet, one thing I still don’t understand, how did this person, with whom I have the conjunction described above, know to suggest me in the very earliest stages of my falling in, that many years ago, to direct my attention towards increasing my finances, instead of dreaming of “consuming” it on the love level. Quite fascinating indeed. :DD

Considering my current relationship of composite Venus in 8th House in Virgo and myself Venus in Scorpio conjunct Saturn, I draw the conclusion that I may have no chance to consume my love in the real plane in this lifetime. No issue here, fine by me, as I will continue building my kingdom in the dream world, at least there I am able to fly, to lift myself up and to land back on my feet whenever I want, I can see places that don’t exist, I own 2 houses with an infinite number of rooms, I am friends with Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder and so many more :))

Unless.. I can plan delivering a baby in a day where our composite Venus will be conjunct the Moon, let’s say somewhere in 5th House in Leo. Or Cancer.. or Pisces :))))) I wonder how many babies I should plan and deliver, to be sure I’ll be having at least one with this placement.

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