Geneva, microboxes, Mojo and a baptise

In short: lovely memories from the vacation of one week in April, in Romania.

Geneva because Tarom decided that our flight from Prague to Bucharest will be more epic with a stop in Switzerland..

Microboxes because geocashing treasure hunting. To be explained later.

Mojo because for the past year it was mainly the only place I was dreaming of searching and spending my time in. From the very very little things that I’m dreaming about and able to make real, because of stupid physical reality laws :d

And Baptise of a little princess, with cake full of flowers and lady-bugs, because fortunate coincidence. 🙂

And now I wonder why Leoš Janáček… and why I searched and read about the plot of that novel… instead of just ignoring it. One time it worked. Why would not work this time also? Anyway, one single day left in this volume. Next story to be lived in August.

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