Caroline, as the new Elena

I guess you know the summer has finally started, when the season of TVD has ended..

And such an emotional ending! I may have seen the dance scene 10 times and each time watching Stefan’s speech I was getting shivers through my spine :d As much as I tried to believe I’m not affected by Nina’s departure considering the dreams I have with her, Ian and Paul, increasing in frequency lately, it apears they have gotten under my skin for good. The last dream I had with Ian was so vivid.. and yet so not real.

Every time they’re promising to take a picture with me, to have something to brag on facebook with (if my branded ISF memorabilia t-shirt is not enough) but the dream is never long enough to actually take it.

I will have to do my best now to survive without them until October or so, when season 7 will start. Considering with how much intensity I watched this season 6, some episodes even 3 times, I wonder if there will be intensity enough left in me to watch season 7. The last season ever! :((((

I’ll definitely continue with the books. As I’m left at book 10 – Destiny Rising, I believe I will have books enough to last me for the whole summer, on a hammock tied between two trees in the garden in Frydek Mistek.

So I was thinking, considering Caroline took the place of Elena in Stefan’s heart, maybe that’s the transition they are planning to make, in order for the audience used with the books to have a blond protagonist to relate to 🙂

On the other hand, in my real life big changes are happening also. Preparing myself physically and emotionally to make an important transition that I never done before. Hoping everything will turn out ok and overall I will win more than I will lose through this life-changing.. change.

And hoping my own personal Ian… as in Salvatore, will have room enough for all my dreams, my hopes, my moods and my lust for… the cure of vampirism :d

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