This season’s ending(s)…

If you ever got to nourish some sympathy towards Sheldon in these past 8 years, this season’s ending will leave you devastated.

How could I survive this summer, God, how?

Forever ended let’s say ok… predictable.

On Castle I gave up at some point and I don’t think I will catch up, it stopped attracting me…

Outlander still resonates, yet 2 more episodes until the ending, so too soon to pronounce…

What else I’m watching? A, Young and Hungry.. then, Modern Family and The last man on Earth, just as side-dishes so can’t say I’m much into them, will not care about how they’ll end..

And since Mercury is retrograde, I should admit I started (re)watching Lost. As, during the original airing, I only saw first two seasons, now that I got a bit older and wiser I’m able to appreciate it better. It took me less than one week to devour the first season again. Of course.. Ian’s fault.

Now back to Sheldon. Some part of me wishes this series will end also as soon as possible, just so I can move on for good. Sheldon… this alexithymic individual.

Did I mention last night I dreamed I was living on the Moon? Epic 🙂

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