Bye Prague, Hello Frydek-Mistek

So yesterday I took all my belongins from Prague. I’ll go there from now on just when I’ll have some work team-meeting or team-dinner. I don’t know if I(we) will stay here forever but at least for this summer here I’ll have my headquarters.

Had a very intense dream this morning, right before waking up. Did it ever happen to you to wake up just right after the dream has ended? I mean, there are times when I dream I’m talking to someone and then, right after the person has ended the speech, I feel how I’m sent back into the real world. This is one of those experiences that make me think some dreams are not just dreams, but long waited and needed messages that come from our spiritual guides from higher dimensions.

So the dream ended with… Well it’s funny, the more I think about it and try to explain the dream, as if telling it to someone else, the more I realize how silly it actually was.

For example, when this person came to me, he had his hands dirty and I said “don’t worry, I know it’s from peeling walnuts.” And then all conversation we had with our both hands held together. Now, who eats fresh walnuts in the end of May? These are available barely in September.. Funny, no?

He was telling me that he is sorry he’s been a jerk in the way he treated me. And I was saying that I’ll move back in Romania, in June, and never leave again, because I found a job there. And he was asking me which kind of job etc. Sure. As if I will ever leave the perfect job I have now!

And then, the ending, he, with a cup of Activia yogurt vanilla flavour in his hand, tells me “well, decide, if you want to get ride of me or him, just let me know”. Funny again. As if there is such thing as Activia with vanilla flavour!

So I guess my final answer is clear now. :d

Later update: Just remembered, when he finally showed up in front of me, in the dream, and I looked at him, not knowing if to be happy that he’s there and I’ll have my chance to say everything I need to say or to be sad that all it’s just a dream, I started with: “You have such amazingly beautiful blue eyes”. And it was true, so beautiful you could actually see a whole ocean vibrating in them.

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