About learning

Last night I was dreaming I couldn’t keep up with my peer group at some task. I don’t remember exactly what task it was, yet I do remember that, instead of admiting I’m falling behind and trying to regroup, in order to improve my skills, I turned 180 degrees, aimed up and.. started flying.

I remember I was thinking: “Well, I may not be able to do that, as good as you all do it, but I am able to fly – thing I haven’t seen anyone else around here, capable of doing. So I couldn’t care less..”

And I gradually got up and up until I reached a height so high that I got a bit scared of being all up there and alone.. but then just when I realized I should still be safe, a top of a sky-scrapper materialised itself right under my feet!

Then, I looked down.. I saw, at about 20 meters below, another roof top, from a lower building this time. So I told myself: “Maybe I should take this as an exercise, slowly lean forward, looking down, until I’ll land on this building.” And I did. I got a bit scared at first, thinking that, because of the speed I will catch until there, I may crash and die.. but I didn’t. I landed smoothly. And it felt good and made me confident that I can do that from now on without problems. So I landed from one roof top to another, until I got back with my feet on the ground.

The sad part is that I didn’t really win anything by flying until up there and getting back down.. Especially because I landed in a bit different place than the one from where I started flying. Or maybe in a bit different time. I had to admit, I never really win anything from showing up that I can fly, as long as I’m flying alone. I’m just wasting time.

Yet one time I remember there was another person in my dream able to fly.. So I competed with her. I remember we were actually competing on who is able first to fly there and grab “the isabelles” who fell on the ground and bring them back up.. which was actually something like a flower garland. So I pushed myself to fly higher and faster, so much that I made a noise.. in the real world… like a moan.. but in the dream world I heard it as a loud scream.. so I got scared and woke up. Funny that the other person didn’t win either, because she was in my dream and when my dream ended she ceased to exist.

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