Last night I dreamed I was on the back yard of my country side house, where most of my dreams happen..

And there were two planes flying from south to north, going up high over my head.. As they were getting closer they were also getting bigger.. (obviously :d). At one point, the one from the right side, as I was watching up in the sky, somehow changed direction and I knew it will crash..

It was more like a small shuttle, not an ordinary plane. I saw it crashed somewhere close and it made a blue-silvery blast where it hit the ground. I called my dad and some other people who were there and we went searching for the crash site.

It was very close actually, just in front of our main gate. And I was saying this cannot be random, if it fell just in front of our gate then it must be something for us. And we found a bag in the crater of the blast. Not a big one, I remember it was of a dark green, somewhat textile and with a lot of compartments.

I found some stuff in it, I don’t remember everything, yet I remember it was a device where there were stored pictures, who appeared to be from the future. It was me, but dressed in weird clothes, more like my daughter from the future.

There were a lot of pictures with members of our future generations.. So emotional 🙂 And then I looked more in the bag and I saw some pages as if from one agenda or calendar or something.. I tried to see the date on them, first it was an year starting with 9000 and I thought it’s too weird to be that, so I tried concentrating harder and then I saw it clearly printed on the pages: the year 2043.

Which means I got a package from a time when I am 60 years old 🙂

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