And we finally took it!

Remember my dream-series with Wesley and Somerhalder, which revolves basically on just one big topic: me taking a picture with them?

So, last night I met them again. There were more of them actually, I remember some girls also, and we were either in my city, behind the apartment building where I used to play as a child, in front of the garages, either on the front yard of my country side house..

At some point I was holding one hand with Somerhalder.. it felt so cozy 😀 And then some girl wanted to hold hands with him also and I said: “sure, you can have it (the hand), I know very much how it feels to hold hands with another Venus in Scorpio, I cannot robe you of this pleasure :D”. They were so nice… all of them. Somerhalder – so warm and fuzzy 😀 I think I may have even told him about that Frankfurt thing and how much I wanted to see him then.. And the picture and the words he shared on facebook this morning – :long sigh: – I wonder if these actors dream about their fans also, judging by the 200k likes he got to that post, he should have hell of a brain and memory to remember the dreams with everyone :))

I remember I was brushing and arranging my hair in the mirror, it was looking so pretty, my hair was a bit curled on the front sides, my bangs were perfect also.. yet.. I don’t seem to be able to remember what I was wearing. Perhaps I didn’t dream anything at all about my attire. Or perhaps it was something very fancyless, like some jeans and a t-shirt..

Then, I remember a girl gathered us together to take a picture. Finally! The Picture! She was having something like an old Nokia silver-case phone (now that I think about it, those models didn’t even have camera :)) ).. I remember we, 4 of us, lined up, Somerhalder in the left, then this girl who took the selfie, then me and then Wesley, on my right – after which I remember shouting, as he was a bit distracted: “hey, you Wesley, come here – picture!”

After she took the picture I asked the girl if we can have one also with my phone, as it is a newer model and with much better camera and she said: “No, the camera of my phone is the only one who pictures out *blue eyes* ” (no more comments.. )

Then, Somerhalder kept staying around, he had a very cool bike, more like a scooter or something.. and I went to my garage to take out my bike also. I took it out and as I was standing with my back to the bike, just for a few seconds, to lock back the garage door, my bike disappeared. I was so sad and angry.. I couldn’t imagine someone would take it just like that, from 1 meter away from me. Anyway..

Then Somerhalder had some small injury on his back or something and I went to him nicely and I offered to take the pain away by placing my hand over his back and he politely said no. He was polite, but I felt the ice on his glare, from behind his polite smile.. so I understood is my time now to take off. And wake up.

Now I have to find the girl and tell her to share that picture via bluetooth with me – as I’m sure her invented phone model must have bluetooth also, if it had camera –  and I hope we are all with blue eyes in it and none has them.. yellow or something.

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