My greatest weakness

Maybe is just the current transit of retrograde Venus square Moon+Chiron, but lately I have such a desire to improve my greatest weakness… make it more healthy or something. 😀 Anything… just wanting to be sure I do my best for the weakness to not be weak anymore.. As if, one more help and then I can die in peace 😀 It took me a long while to find the proper category to place it and I believe this one is epic: my greatest weakness. I wonder if I would have the guts to talk about this when/if I will ever have an interview and I will be asked which is my greatest weakness. :))

Last night I dreamed I was able to be in two parallel universes in the same time. There was the same desk, in the same place, except by the switch of something, there was someone else’s desk.. And there was another thing, I was looking through my tablet, in the picture mode, and instead of seeing what it was, in that dreamed reality, I was seeing the reality of another place. Perhaps a place where I wanted to be at some point and I never could. And there was also a circular stair-case that I was climbing in order to find the apartment. I didn’t find it… and I wish with all my heart to never find it, in the dream world, as it means it’s all done. I’ve been inside of it, many times, I’ve seen tables, cups of water, table covers, maps, written papers on the tables, colors on the walls… him.. ohh.. so many times. But I don’t remember ever crossing in, through the entry door.

One time I was sitting on some street between some apartment buildings and by the power of my wish the reality around me was moving just like on “street view” on google maps. That was an epic dream!

And in the dream from last night I told this person I cannot live without her. That was very surprising even for me, also, because in the night before I said such an emotional goodbye to someone else, when he confessed he fell inlove with me, after just 3 days of seeing me around :))) I told him I’m sorry but I have a boyfriend, so no, can’t do.. he has to let me go. Why can’t I remember I have a boyfriend in all my dreams and play this card whenever the action stars to.. heat up? I have no idea why I’ve said that, as in my real awaken life I’m quite obsessed of living as much independent as possible, as I’m very much aware that no connection or relationship can last forever. In the best cases, some may last for just a whole lifetime..

That’s why I love stars so much. I mean, astrology. Because I know they are creating something that will never end and will forever evolve, due to the fact that the stars will never stop spinning 🙂

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