Blue… stuff

You know, the synths from Humans, are bleeding blue? :d Yeah, Humans and Under the Dome, as I needed something new to help me get over the sadness of the season ending from TVD, TBBT and Outlander.. After I devoured all Lost seasons in less than two months. And I really liked Lost. 🙂 When I was in the Yoga camp I saw a guy who was looking incredibly much like Jacob. And a girl who was looking so much like a child Kate. Too beautiful for her own good..

And another guy which painfully reminded me I still have a dormant monster inside, called “stalking tendencies”.. 😦 But another story about that unidentified gorgeously curled blond-haired and blue-eyed dude.. which, for storytelling purposes, we named “the unnamed Slovenian guy” (as I was too shy to ask him anything at all, during all our more or less random encounters along the areal, like his name or something), whose phone ringtone will probably stick into my memory for quite some time.

A dude “literally” from a parallel universe with the target audience in that camp. Probably that’s why I could never say anything to him, as there was some greater force holding me. At some point he was wearing a t-shirt with California.. I wonder if I will ever get to fly there in this lifetime. Wait, no, actually his birth date, time and place, is the only thing I wanted to know, so I could explain to myself the mechanics of that sudden “obsessed attraction” I started towards him.. … luckily we got back home and I’ll probably never ever see or hear about him again.

And then some other guy who came to me with one 100% effective remedy for hiccups. That was really a deep and karmic encounter. He made me laugh so hard.. which apparently is the only way to relax your diaphragm and stop hiccups. Ok, there was some other move he made, from the acupuncture field, but I cannot share that with you.. as I don’t own the copyrights of the method. Anyway..

And I got a Yoga name, from the main Guru. A name I’m not gonna share, for security purposes. 😀 My 5 min of fame! Then people would stop me around to ask me about my story.. too much fame..

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