For a 3 times 8..

I was not thinking of writing anything today, until I noticed which date was today. It makes sense, as I felt it to be a full day, in which I achieved some personal milestones.

First, I had my 30 km bike session, at 35 degrees outside, with average speed of 19.00 km/h.. for which I am very proud! Considering last times I had both sunday and monday 25 km each, yet at around 26 degrees Celsius and only with about 17 something km/h. Now I’m planning another 30 km tomorrow also.. yet I’ll have to take more care, perhaps get a snack with me, as today I over-estimated my abilities in the last round (30 km equal 6 rounds of lake) when I pushed harder, to achieve the 19.00 km/h milestone. If it weren’t for my bf to stay in line to buy lunch I would’ve fainted right there, even after drinking a glass of Kofola from one breath!

Another thing I’m proud today is my 3rd time of taking the car all by myself and driving to Tesco to buy groceries 😀 I really don’t know why I didn’t have the courage to do this sooner.. maybe because there is a time and a place for everything.. and my place was to drive in Frydek-Mistek and not in my own country. Now, even with this intense experience of one year of driving, remembering my last time with my parents’ Logan I get a panick attach only imagining being there again. It feels thousand times better (relaxed) to drive alone in the car than with my parents 😦

Another thing.. were all those many minions with Taunt that I killed :)))) And the 3 Arena games that I all lost :)))) I still cannot find anything special in that game, just that it may improve my financial skills for making me calculate all the moves. It’s nothing special about that game, but it is addictive.. it’s even more addictive than Under the Dome (I’m fighting for more than one week to finish watching the first episode of season 3) lucky it has the clock incorporated in the game, so you’ll know to start preparing to close when it gets around 11 in the night.. Actually, it’s funny. The old language that is used it makes me remember Outlander at every word. Some other thing worth mentioning, today I noticed my extreemly_long_and_full_of_details_dreams suddenly stopped, after I started the game, actually the one with “the lilly of the valley” being the last one I can recall. If this is good or bad.. now, only God knows.

And now I’m listening “Two steps from hell – Strength of a Thousand Men” on repeat for more than half of hour.. Nothing special about this either, just that my body resonates with it too much today, while I’m doing my best to neutralize the negative effect of Jupiter transiting my 10th house, currently squaring my Moon+Chiron.

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