Alone in the Czechoslovakian woods…

Saturday morning I woke up at 3:30 😀 After only 3h of sleep.

And at 5:30 my bf and his friend were already setting up their antenna and their broadcasting equipment, somewhere in the Czechoslovakian mountains.

Lucky me, the room in the hotel was ready at around 10 in the morning so I had the chance to rest a bit.. while I was downloading minions on my tablet (me very, very bad Archer!)..

Long introduction short… on Saturday after lunch, I had some time off all by myself and I decided I would have a 12 km walk around the woods, on the track from Kohútka to Malý Javorník and back!

I didn’t track the walk automatically by runkeeper because the gps signal was not that strong between the trees and also the phone would get into roaming at some points, so I would’ve lost data connection anyway.. And even after I tracked it manually, their calculation of “Total climb” is a bit lost in the fog…it’s clearly visible on the map (even on Runkeeper map) that I had areas even under 900 and then over 1000. Therefore I assume my “Calories Burned” is not correct either.


It was a 2h and 15 min walk – started at 14:30, came back at 16:45, while being mesmerised, alone, along the border between Czech Republic and Slovakia, at 15 to 17 degrees Celsius, 100% air humidity 😀 I’m so happy it came to me the idea and the energy to do that, instead of staying in the room pretending to nap, instead, defeating the bosses of Naxxramas.. I mean, a truly inspired moment was at home, when I packed and I decided not to take the charger just for one day. So the walk, 2 hours alone in the woods, just me with my own thoughts. I really want to repeat this experience!

And the landscape was epic:


Then… the sad part happened when I got back and my bf told me that the lady where we left Bonnie just called him desperately announcing that Bonnie ran away.. :(((( That Bonnie might be all alone since Friday evening, God knows in which woods, starving :(( He had the contacts to the local vet on his collar so we hope some good-hearted czech citizen will find and return him. And for next time we will install a gps tracker on him.. 😦

And the hotel, when I checked-out this morning. There were 9 degrees, but felt like 0..


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