This afternoon I biked 50 km. And something else..

Which represents 10 & 1/2 rounds of Olesna.

Based on Runkeeper, I burned a total of 1233 calories.. in the 2h & 39min of activity. And surprisingly, I don’t feel tired. I would’ve done at least 2-3 rounds more, only the outside conditions made me bike back home after that: the sun got into the clouds and it suddenly dropped to 12-13 degrees, with quite a lot of wind..

I’m aware, overall this might not be such an incredible achievement, I’ve seen people on my Facebook biking even over 150km, in one single day..

However, 50km in one sitting is a big achievement for me. At my age and at my weight.. Without music and without beverage refill. Although I feel a little under the weather, because some part of me was expecting confetti and applauses after hitting the 50 km imaginary finish line.. (later edit, while writing this I did get 2 likes on Facebook, including from the person mentioned above, with the 150 km in one day 😀 :D)

Nonetheless, the Earth didn’t stop spinning because of my achievement. So I should learn to do these activities without expecting any gratification from the outside world.. I should learn to do them just because of their own value of burning extra calories, improving health and elevating the state of spirit.

Although, I don’t feel that much elevated to be honest. I feel just as low and stressed as I’ve been feeling for the past 3 days. (I could blame it either on the last night’s Huge Eclipsed Moon, transiting my 5th house, either on the current Jupiter transiting in my 10th house squaring my natal Uranus, either on the current Retrograde Mercury transiting my 11th house :D)

You see, this week they’ve finally approved my ACCA registration! And I’ve got F1 exempted! Yeeey, I’m a student again!! And I do have to study.. a lot. And I’m very bummed to see my mind is not that much brilliant as it was 10 years ago, which suddenly brought me back to reality. Studying and resolving accounting problems comes quite hard now, especially in English, after the 8h of working every day… So far it feels I’m a duck and the study material is the water: nothing gets stuck on me.

Anyway.. this is my next milestone: to pass F2, in less than one month, more precise on Oct 20th, when the exam date is, which means 22 days left. And I hope the Earth will stop spinning for me then, at least for 1 second 😀

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