Meet Bonnie and Simon

Bonnie and Simon

Looks like there are miracles in this czech world.

Bonnie was brought back home today, 2 weeks after he ran away to explore the city and the forests all by himself. One day after we brought Simon..

Bonnie is 10 years old, Simon is 10 months old.

Bonnie (left) is calm and wise, sometimes sneaky like a cat and terrified by storms and thunders.. He likes affection but not when he is sleepy. He is patient and knows his place.

Simon (right) is crazy. Just crazy. Jumping all over us and licking our face. Doesn’t obey any rules whatsoever… we forgive him (most of the times – for the rest of the times we have “the newspaper”), because he is still in the training and learning process. He is also too horny for his own good, humping Bonnie whenever he has the chance 😀

Raising both will be both a challenge and a lovely reward, especially since I’ll be the only one in the house during the day. While also working. I will have to bring down the army from the attic, as romanians say..

With these two I’ll definitely have 0% room for depressive tendencies left in me.

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