Can you read in your dreams?

One of the dreams that bugs me in this part of my life is about reading.. in the dream. I believe I’ve started these dreams about a year ago. At first they came as random words written on walls or big boards, but last night I found myself reading a book..

When I first started seeing whole text and sentences it felt weird, because as I was concentrating to read them they were disappearing… thing I understood from the internet it might be normal since seeing a text in a dream and actually reading it are parts of different hemispheres of the brain and unless you have a very developed bridge between them you just cannot use them both at once. Now – about the potential achievements that will come from the ability of using them both at once – a huge all different story.

Anyway, so during these past months I seem to have achieved some strength in that department and I am able to read things, which don’t disappear and don’t change, while reading them, because I am very focused there on not moving my attention on anything else. But one very painful feeling I have, and I am completely aware of it while I’m reading the dreamed text, is that I cannot bring it back with me in the awaken world.. I mean, I know I will not be able to remember what I read when I will wake up, even if the text made perfect sense in the dream.

Sometimes I am able to return with things, but in the gran majority of these times I was not lucid when I was dreaming. Last night I was aware I was dreaming and reading in my dream – and in the same time I was telling my mom that I’m dreaming and I’m reading in my dream, while not losing the focus from the page I was reading, because I knew the text might scramble – which was also still nothing but a second layer of the dream.

Perhaps here is the problem and in the same time the solution: the more lucid you are, the less creative and inspirational you can be. The more lucid you are in your dream, the less possible it is to dream about something really amazing, something worth remembering when you come back. So dear “lucid dreaming” ability, you have no practical benefit in my life so far..

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