Love.. until life will tear us apart

Today was the most lethargic day of this year for me… it was bank holiday in Czech Republic, so I didn’t have to work. Instead I went with my parents to the country side… but I didn’t do anything much there either… after only 30 min of cleaning the lawn from the dry leaves from the willow, I gave up, stating I’m too cold and too sleepy, so I went in the house.

I was not in the mood for anything. Nonetheless, I started one Arena game, that I ended with only 2 wins. 😦 I lost 2 games because of internet issues.. the game kept disconnecting.. I got angry. And sad. Then I went on Facebook – same all old “news”. Since my 2 weeks stay in Romania has been prolonged to another week I feel like a fish lost on a dry shore.. a jelly fish drifting aimlessly in these insipid waters. I miss Frydek-Mistek, I miss Bonnie…

Time is so slippery lately.. I’m chronically bored. And I’m very sorry to write this about me. I’m bored with everything that is happening in this world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not insensitive nor I’m living in my own bubble completely disconnected from the outside world, but I can definitely say I had more than enough with the “media”. In the past months I seem to have acquired this disruptive habit of browsing the news sites every morning during coffee and sometimes even during lunch. I’m losing my mental health shield soon if I keep seeing only disasters and tragedies and “shocking” news and “unbelievable” events..

I studied 1 single chapter from the F3 paper during this stay in Romania. And I have no mood to regroup and refocus to study more. I’m lacking The Drive. The Trigger. The Impulse.

I wish to be put in a cryogenic sleep until the news will be like “Another common occurrence just happened on our planet: 56 people have been brought back to life. And 6 more are in the process of being restored. As always, all countries have joined their efforts and resources into making this happen.”

With a bonus news: “Another space-shuttle with 20 babies from alien endangered species just landed safely today on our planet. In the next hours they will be distributed to their adoptive families. Their mother planets admire and congratulate our capability of preserving the Earth as the most peaceful planet on the Universe.”

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