Outside of the mirror

Three weeks ago, on saturday afternoon, I ended up seeing a Circus show, in the Circus Park. I was curious, I’ve never been in that park before, even if I lived for 2 years in Stefan cel Mare. I liked that show very much, especially because the public was full of toddlers. I love toddlers. 😀 Especially girls, dressed in pink, old enough to speak, with their angelic voices.

So, in one act of this circus show, there were 2 guys and the frame of a mirror. They had to imitate each other’s moves and at some point one of them got out from the frame and, because it was a comic act in the show, the other one kept imitating the moves..

This is about what I want to write today. Not about comic acts, but about that thing when we see people as mirrors of ourselves and we can recognise in them only the behaviors we found once in us or the behaviors we were taught to recognise through our empathic abilities.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that there are moments in your life (or my life) when you just step out from the frame and you don’t seem to have anyone around you to “copy” that. To put it in different words, it’s like when you suddenly start speaking a language that no one around you understands. The original language of your spirit.

So what do you do? You grow shy and you get back into the frame, consciously lowering your vibration to match the one of your target? Or you keep repeating that behaviour, bringing out to the surface the essence of your inner calling, that you are aware nobody can understand, but you, hoping that one day you will find a spirit that can match yours and who can “translate” you to the target?

Twin souls should exist also in real life, not just in the sf movies, right? And I’m stressing this: twin souls – as in parts to recognise and to read each other through the other, not life partners – companions to share a whole life with. As partners are meant to complete you, not to “copy” you or to “translate” you.

Yes, I don’t get it anymore either… it’s too late, I’m tired and I got lost in the terms. But maybe I will dream about a clearer version of this post. Maybe my twin soul will show up in my dreams and extend the frame of my mirror, in order for me to be able to understand my own subconscious without the need of a translator.


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