Josephine and London

As in “The Healing Moon – Chapter V – part II”.

Where were we? Yes, at Josie. Josephine Sane, the daughter of Moon and Jason. Josie just turned 3, today. She is born February 3rd 2013.

Josie, Moon and Jason now live in London, at 23rd Rainy Road.

You see… just after Moon married Jason, in early 2012, she received an offer through Linkedin, to work as Financial Reporting Specialist to a bank in London. And Jason loved her so much that he couldn’t say no and they flew there together. One year later, Josie arrived.

We don’t know what Jason does for a living and we don’t really care, as long as he is a loving father. Josie and he, will be returning to Bucharest, somewhere in 2018… but so much will happen until then…

Josie loves her doggy ‘uffus very much. She is playing with him, lifting his ears up, and shouts around the house: “daddy, daddy, look, I have a bunny.. a bunny that balks”. She meant barks. She received the dog as Christmas present from her dad.

Why? Because Moon is actually dead. She died in a tube crash, on December 14th, 2015. There was all over the news, it wasn’t terrorism or anything, it was just a normal train which derailed from the tracks. She was the only one who died actually, just because she was reading a book, in the way home from work, and she didn’t have time to grab herself properly when the train literally rolled over in the tunnel..

Josie didn’t understand what happened to her mommy, just a couple of months ago. She pretends she still sees her and talks with her when no one is around. We don’t know if this is because London or because Josephine.

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