Dreaming of night summer rain

Since Tuesday I’ve been feeling extremely emotional.. so much that, at times, I had difficulty in breathing, had to sigh or to stop and consciously deep inhale, to release the emotional pressure. Or try to cry..

Also I’ve been having insomnia… or when I was able to sleep, the dreams I was having were so intense that I was waking up more tired than when I went to bed. Last night at 1, I went down into the kitchen and I devoured tree quarters of a cup of yogurt, the one of 500 gr, with half of bag of polystyrene (expanded whole wheat grains). I know part of these symptoms might be caused by the stress of the approaching exam.. Also, as I just acknowledged yesterday, Venus in transit entered Scorpio.

Last sunday I bought groceries for the full week, which means I didn’t even have to get out from the house. But maybe I should.. Just to check if they finally opened that KFC, here in Fryda.

Next week I’ll be having all planets Mars, Venus, Sun and Mercury in the exact same positions as at birth. Curious what this will bring in my life.. as this occurence should be extremely rare..

So, last night I dreamed I ended up somewhere in South America. Someone showed me the map on the wall, while I was sitting at my table waiting for the food. Because I was in a different country, my phone had no data coverage. I remember from that map it was a place somewhere in Ecuador or Peru, a city on the shore of the Pacific… I don’t remember how it was called. I just remembered something about the Galapagos. I was invited by someone, I just met there in that trip, for a dinner in a fancy arabic restaurant.. it was an interesting experience.

In the end I left him there, while he was at the bathroom or talking on the phone, not very sure. The food was being late in arriving.. So I left. Actually I remember I left because I realized I wasn’t hungry. :)) I went and kissed him and said goodbye and he should not worry, maybe someday we will meet again. So I stepped down the stairs and I exited the restaurant.

Outside there was night and a very pleasant warm summer rain. I wanted to see the ocean. Somehow my brother showed up with an umbrella and we were planning to walk there. There was a lovely street with cubic rock pavement and with all the colored lights from all the shops. I saw also the lights from the KFC board… Then, I don’t remember, I must’ve woken up.

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