Crossing the railways

Last night I dreamed, among others, that I had to return home from Bucharest. I knew I had to take the subway and I went to the cashier to buy a 2 journeys or 1 day card. They didn’t have anymore. I mean, they discontinued them.

Now it was possible to buy just 1 month pass or 60 journeys pass. It was around 100 lei and I didn’t have that much money in the pockets. I was not carrying any purse or backpack, I know I just had some coins in my right pocket which should’ve been enough for what I wanted. So again I had to argue with the cashier and with the people there in the queue, that it’s not right to have only monthly passes, what are visitors and tourists supposed to do? Buy monthly pass for just 1-2 days? They acted like they didn’t care. As if visitors were aliens or something.

Disappointed, I walked out from the station and then I saw a land with many sunny hills and trees and somehow on a hill my granma was sitting and I realized she is in our country-side garden, so it should not be far to just walk until home. Yet, I had to cross a highway and a railways… I was not scared by that.. I walked until the highway and I was observing some other character who was there, with same intention as mine. He was not doing it properly, he was getting too close to the passing cars and he was failing every time.

I found a place for me to cross it, I climbed the protective wall and somehow the cars stopped for me or they were moving very slowly. There was a car parked on my right that I touched by mistake and then it started rolling down backwards and behind me it bumped into a coming car. Oops. :d

I got on the other side of the highway and there was quite a big height until down, so I just flew down. Then, I noticed I don’t have to cross the railways also, as it turned out to be a railways bridge, so I could just walk straight under it. Then I woke up..

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