The factory of colored glass cubes

Felt much better today. In general I always feel good on Fridays. I have a happy routine: after work I’m making either pizza either lasagna and, with a glass of wine aside, I’m enjoying the series. This week was lasagna – I discovered I make a delicious vegetarian lasagna btw. 😀 My bf loves it.

Now, since TVD has vacation until end of January I will have to find a new happy routine. I’m sure I’ll find something to keep my spirit warm 🙂 I may have to kill some more minions, I’m planning to reach Rank 10 this vacation. Also I’m planning to use that recently bought muffin baking tray. Still to find a good recipe of egg-free choco-muffins. Anyone?

What else? Yeah, they did open the KFC in Fryda. And I’m loving it 😀 😀 I drove there yesterday, invited my bf for dinner, he had just a corn with fries. That Coleslaw has vejce..

So, last night I dreamed I was walking with some friend, he was looking like one of my colleagues from the acting class, from Prague, who’s name I can’t really recall. So I called him Daniel in the dream. 🙂 We were walking on some roads on my country side. At one point in my right appeared a factory of somewhat transparent colored glass cubes. Although, in that place supposed to have been a coal mine. The cubes were quite big, like half metre each side. There was a wall made all with cubes like that and a bridge, we walked under it. I was watching it so close I could see the texture of the glass fiber.

Also there were some pools. We were planning to dive in, when I saw they were actually connected with a river and the water looked a bit dirty and also full of little fishes.. The water was running from right to left, as we were looking at it. Then, I saw he had 2 of these little fishes in his mouth.. as he probably swimmed before in those waters… so he spitted them out..

What else? Yeah.. I fought with my grandma… I told her she is not allowed to step into my new house..

And the last, but not the least, and actually the more frequent dream lately: being in a bus or a metro, going on some trip and forgetting or having stollen my bag with everything personal, including working laptop, and then spending all the dream fighting with everyone telling them to stop pretending and to let me wake up because I know that shit ain’t real.

In the same category with this: the dream when I’m told I have to repeat highschool and to pass my baccalaureate exam again.. it’s so consuming to fight with everyone trying to explain them that what they are asking me is insane and there should be some laws to protect me from having to do that again. Especially when I am also required to work remotely – apparently for two different companies, while actually living in Czech Republic, trying to explain to everyone why I have to skip some of the classes..

Talking about dreams.. you know what? These are more nightmares: besides the fact some of them I already lived in my awoken life, in a form or another, they are lousy activities to spend my infinite potential with. I want a refund. I trust my subconscious can do better. These are not the dreams I signed up for, when I went to bed. Even the semi-erotic dreams with my greatest weakness are prefered to these. Instead, lately I find myself dreaming of only searching and never finding him, he doesn’t show up anymore… instead, I dreamed being with 4 different unknown people in the past 2 days. Including the one I ditched in that restaurant in Ecuador.

Also, I want my Wesley and Sommerhalder back, since they aren’t in the series for the winter vacation they should book some time to visit my dreams. I wonder what happened with that picture we took together. 😀

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