32 and counting

I was thinking about writing this post for two months now. Maybe, somehow, someway, visualizing how I’m gonna write about the fact that I passed two exams this year I will get the last 100 meters inspiration to study and to pass the 2nd one also.

2015 for me was number 2 personal year. Yet, counting everything I realized this year and in so many areas, I may say it was more an 11 personal year. For example, in 2014, personal year 1, I was able to realize just one thing: to get promoted to higher level at work.

So, in 2015:

  • I started using these amazing two apps: myfitnesspal & runkeeper – with their help I was able to get back to my figure from 3 years ago… I have almost 6 months tracked on myfitnesspal and over 500 km in runkeeper.
  • I started driving alone, during day, night, drizzle.. not yet snow, but hoping. And I’ve been designated driver about 10 times this year, even at 7 in the morning, from one out of town cottage.
  • I had two surgeries. The upper wisdom teeth removed – prophylactic reasons. May not sound like a big deal, but counting I had two times a swollen face and couldn’t run or bike-ride for 1 week, in the summer, until the stitches were removed, may count.
  • I won two awards at work: one for teamplayer and the other for global collaboration, for which I was very happy.
  • Since September I’m a student again. I may have grayed a bit more during the process of putting together all the necessary documents, translations, receiving the actual confirmation of registration and getting my money back for the subscription and for the first exempted exam 🙂 Ok, so we may say – I won three awards from my employer, this one being extended for more years. This may not be a big deal, but considering the memories from 5 years ago when I couldn’t pass the entry exam for acting, knowing that, even if I passed it, I would not have with what to pay the study taxes, it is a very big deal.
  • I passed two exams already from this ACCA Qualification. My first exams/official tests in English, after studying completely alone, at home. Ok, they were multiple choice questions – it may not sound like a big deal – but after the response I received from my mom when I wrote her that I passed the 2nd one also – “Congrats! We knew we have a smart girl. We kiss you and we love you.” I realized how big of a deal really was. Now there are only 11 more exams to go.
  • I got blocked on Facebook – by a girl this time. 😦 Ok, nobody is perfect.
  • I spent 5 weeks in Romania – 1 in April with bf, when we went also to a baptize, 2nd in August and 3 weeks in November – while bf was in America for training.
  • Lost Bonnie – stayed dogless for 2 weeks, decided to adopt Simon, just 2nd day Bonnie was found, cared for two dogs for 1 week, it was terrible, gave Simon back :((
  • Lost Bonnie 2 times more – he ran away while the main gate was temporary open, for car purposes… yet found after less than 1 hour.
  • Woke up more towards the universal truths: after paying over 100 eur entry ticket to a Vampire Diaries convention in Frankfurt, in June, for a duo picture with Sommerhalder and Kat Graham, few days before the actual event, the organizing company declared insolvency. 😐 event was cancelled and no money was returned. To anyone. Then, I decided my money will be tens of thousands better invested if I had just donated them for charity.
  • Moved in with my bf. Again. I mean, in dec 2013 we moved together in Prague. In May 2015 we moved together in Frydek-Mistek.
  • Seen 4 more foreign cities, in 4 different countries: Geneva – by Tarom fortunate/unfortunate circumstances; Vienna and Bratislava – spring trip with bf; Krakow – winter Yoga convention.
  • Been in Yoga camp. 1 week of vegetarian food. I skipped most of exercising sessions/meditations but those where I participated were extremely helpful.
  • Watched over 100 episodes of series, besides all Lost, head tail.
  • Read another book from the Vampire Diaries series -Moonsong – which, unfortunately I didn’t like as much as I loved Midnight and The Phantom. And almost half of Destiny Rising.. until somewhere where I lost the resonance with the story.
  • Oh yeah… Hearthstone: Minions. A lot of killed minions. As I said, some time ago: I wonder how long it will take for minions with taunt to be officially recognized as specie on the verge of extinction.
  • And the last – and the least: I realized the fact that wordpress discontinued its Language proofing tool. 😦 Why God, why?

2016 – personal year 3, in a year vibration 9. That should be fun. I want to finally start dancing lessons. 😀 And singing lessons.. ok, I’m singing enough all alone at home, besides, I don’t think I have more yet undiscovered talent in the entertaining arts department..

And practice more vegetarian cooking, other than the all-mighty rice with vegetables, the lasagne with champignons and zucchini, the apple/walnuts strudel, brownies, potatoe salad and green peas cream soup.

Thank you, all, and see you next year 😉

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