It took me 32 years to finally acknowledge that through my relationships and through all my obsessions I was actually searching for God, in me or in them. Most probably this is why I was told, more than once, that I’m permanently unsatisfied..

Everything I was experiencing, physical and emotional, everything I was studying and learning from my mistakes was supposed only to make me understand this.

And, just to avoid any confusion, this God I’m thinking about is the archetype of infinite kindness, supportiveness and understanding.

Understanding that we were all sent here, with different bagagges of talents and responsiblities, to get to know ourselves as humans, to experience living on Earth and to come back to share our stories.

In the next hour I will be driving on the highway alone, until a city close by, 23 min away, according to my road planner. And I’m very excited about it, but this wasn’t really what inspired me and gave me the courage to write this post.

What I dreamed last night and what facebook told me this morning gave me the inspiration: “Sorry, it’s too soon to add this person back to your Block List. You’ll be able to complete this action once 48 hours have passed since you removed this person from your Block List.”


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