Josie and Meredith

Chapter V – part III

It was January 28th, 2016 when Jason realized he has to do something with Josie, as he started to be worried she cannot cope with her mother’s death, since she was still claiming she talks with her.

So he decided to take her to see a pediatrician, even better, a doctor specialized in children psychiatry. And guess what, the doctor was a beautiful woman, called Meredith.

The funny thing was that Meredith was interested also in astrology, as a hobby. And in the day she met Josie and Jason she was expecting something significant to happen in her life, as Juno conjunct Mars was transiting her natal Juno conjunct Venus.

Deep down inside she knew Jason will turn out to be more than just the father of her patient. The problem is that she couldn’t tell him this.. at least not until some years will have passed since the death of his wife Moon.

But wait, she doesn’t know yet anything about this man who walked in her consultation room, holding in his arms this beautiful little curled blond girl.


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